Analysis of energy management strategies for hybrid electric vehicles in urban driving conditions
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Publication date: 2018-04-01
Combustion Engines 2018,173(2), 14–18
The pursuit of fuel consumption reduction by vehicles leads to a sudden increase in the share of hybrid and electric drives in the vehicle market. Replacing hybrid vehicles with electric vehicles requires long-term technological solutions, both for the infrastructure and the vehicles themselves. Therefore, one of the leading types of passenger car drives is currently the hybrid drive. The generated work share of electric drives used to power hybrid vehicles is a determinant of the viability of using electric drives. The article estimates the operating time share of electric and hybrid modes operation in real driving conditions (RDC) based on the latest Toyota hybrid model. The research object was a vehicle from the crossover group equipped with a fourth generation hybrid drive. Analysis of the drives operation allowed to determine the conditions of energy flow and determine the work share of the electric drive in the total driving time.