Analysis of vibration signals using short-time analysis and clustering in parameter space for detection of combustion engine state
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Publication date: 2019-05-01
Combustion Engines 2019,177(2), 83–87
The paper presents a short-time analysis of the vibration signals for the diagnosis of Diesel engine of combustion locomotive by recognition of different engine states using the clustering technique. The main aim of the researches was to distinguish between different engine states represent different wear extends. The proposed method of vibration signal analysis consists on sliding a time window along signal in time and observing the changes of some given statistical parameters. The set of this parameter values creates a multidimen-sional parameter space where the time evolution can be observed. For recognition and detection of different engine system states some clustering techniques in the parameter space were performed. The results show the possibility of distinguishing different cluster centers within the parameter space which can be assigning to different engine states represented the states before and after a general repair.