Changes in performance and wear of small diesel engine during durability test
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Publication date: 2015-08-01
Combustion Engines 2015,162(3), 34–40
Changes in engine performance and efficiency, the tightness of ring-pack and wear of piston group parts during long-lasting bench durability test were investigated. The tests were conducted on 2 modern automotive diesel engines. The parameters analysed improved in the initial period of engine operation and then they started to deteriorate gradually; however, the rates of change were different for different parameters. The rate of change was the highest in the case of lubricating oil consumption (100% increase during the test). The blowby increased in that period of time by 25-60%, depending on the condition of engine operation. The changes in power and specific fuel consumption were much smaller – only a few percent. Moreover, using the previously developed method utilizing the simulations made with the use of the ring-pack model, the durability of the piston group was predicted. The predicted durability was equal to 300,000 km.