GC-MS/FID analysis of aldehyde and hydrocarbon emissions from exhaust gases of a spark ignition engine fueled with different ethanol-gasoline blends
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Publication date: 2012-05-01
Combustion Engines 2012,149(2), 30–38
In this paper the influence of changes in ethanol concentration in gasoline-alcohol blend on the concentrations of aldehydes and hydrocarbons emitted from a spark-ignition automotive engine is described. Results of the exhaust gas analysis with E0, E5, E10, E25 and E50 blends tested in a car meeting the Euro 5 emission standard are presented. It was found that an increase of the ethanol concentration in the fuel blend leads to an increase in the acetaldehyde concentration in the exhaust gas. TD-GC-FID/MS analysis of exhaust gases collected on two different, complementary sorbents (Carbograph 1TD, Tenax TA) allowed for identification of the large number of hydrocarbons.
Nanoparticle and Non-legislated Gaseous Emissions from a Gasoline Direct-Injection Car with Ethanol Blend Fuels and Detergent Additives
Zbigniew Stępień, Jan Czerwinski, Pierre Comte, Stanislaw Oleksiak
Energy & Fuels