The possibilities of improvement of spark ignition engine efficiency through dual fueling of methanol and gasoline
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Publication date: 2010-07-01
Combustion Engines 2010,142(3), 59–67
The paper presents the results of the investigations into a dual fuel spark ignition multipoint methanol/gasoline injection engine where the injection is realized into the area of the intake valve. The engine fuel feed was realized through a prototype intake system having double electronically controlled injectors. The here used system can feed the engine with gasoline and methanol separately and the combustion of the mixture of the said fuels with any given methanol content. The test were performed on a 4-cylinder spark ignition engine (Fiat 1100 MPI). The paper presents the comparative results of the efficiency of the dual fuelled engine at variable methanol content. The investigations revealed an advantageous influence of methanol addition on the engine efficiency, particularly for higher methanol content and higher loads.