The possibilities of using DME (BioDME), as an additive to conventional gaseous fuels in SI engine
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Faculty of Transport at Silesian University of Technology.
Publication date: 2017-11-01
Combustion Engines 2017,171(4), 150–155
The results of SI engine fueled with blends of LPG and DME are presented in the paper. The range studies submitted includes measurements at varying engine loads, at selected values of speed. The research was conducted on a chassis dynamometer, specifying the engine load by the degree of throttle opening. Value of the mass fraction of DME in the blend with LPG was determined based on previous analyzes. The selected fuel blends containing from 7 to 17% DME (mass fraction). During the study was also performed a series of comparative measurements with pure LPG. Analyses show that of DME can be used as a partial substitute for LPG in SI engines. Its presence does not a negative impact on performance and emissions of the engine. The obtained results indicate that the amount of addition of DME should be varied depending on the engine load. Moreover, the use of this fuel does not require changes to the design fueling system and storage of LPG.
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An Influence of Correction of the Ignition Advance Angle on the Combustion Process in SI Engine Fuelled by LPG with the Addition of DME
Grzegorz Kubica, Paweł Marzec
Journal of KONES