Methodology of electric motor testing on the hybrid engine test bench

3/2018 (174) - CE-2018-303
Autorzy: Piotr BIELACZYC, Bartosz HEJNY, Andrzej SUCHECKI, Rafał SALA, Krzysztof SOBIESZCZAŃSKI
This paper presents a basic methodology and equipment setup used for an electric motor designed for light-duty vehicles, testing on a hybrid engine test bench equipped with an active AC dynamometer. The methodology used during the test was based on the appropriate regulation (UN-ECE Regulation 85). An example of mechanical performance measurements is presented, as well as an overall layout of the measurement devices used for testing, including a scheme detailing all electrical connections between the equipment employed during the test. The paper takes into consideration the necessity of development and subsequent improvements of the methodology employed during testing of e-motors, which due to the highly changeable and competitive automotive environment, will undoubtedly have a gradually increasing share and significance in the automotive industry. 
Słowa kluczowe: e-motor, electric motor, hybrid engine test bench, testing methodology and equipment, active AC dyno, UN-ECE Regulation 85