Optical investigation of prechamber combustion in an RCEM

1/2019 (176) - CE-2019-102
Autorzy: Maria KOTZAGIANNI, Panagiotis KYRTATOS, Konstantinos BOULOUCHOS
In this study, detailed investigations of scavenged prechamber engine combustion are performed experimentally in a Rapid Com-pression Expansion Machine (RCEM), which allows optical access into the main chamber. OH* chemiluminescence measurements combined with pressure measurements are used to study the effect of varying ignition timing on combustion and cycle-to-cycle varia-tions. The variation of ignition timing (pressure at ignition) showed an optimum ignition point for a given injection duration. Earlier ignition resulted in weaker but more reactive jets, coupled to increased cyclic variations. Later ignition did not significantly affect heat release rate, but increased cyclic variation.  
Słowa kluczowe: scavenged prechamber, optical measurements, ignition timing