Assessment of the technical condition of a marine diesel engine based on the analysis of the exhaust gases chemical composition

2/2019 (177) - CE-2019-221
Autorzy: Rafał KRAKOWSKI
In the article, the concept of technical diagnostics in relation to marine engines was characterized. The compression ignition piston engine was presented as a diagnostic object. The next part of the article discusses the composition of exhaust gases with particular emphasis on  compounds  harmful  to  the  environment.  The  available  test methods  for  exhaust  composition are  also briefly  described by 
means indication of the engine and exhaust gas analyzer. The reduction of emission of harmful compounds in the exhaust gases is also described  in the article. The main part of  the article presents  the research object,  i.e. the marine diesel engine piston and the exhaust gases analyzer, as well as tests carried out. The tests were performed for the engine in working order and inefficient condition in order 
to compare them with the simulated damages of injection pump and turbocharger. The article was completed conclusions.  
Słowa kluczowe: echnical diagnostics, exhaust composition, engine indication, exhaust gas analysis, marine diesel engine