Issues of emission evaluation of road-rail vehicles in the aspect of current type approval regulations

3/2019 (178) - CE-2019-347
Autorzy: Paweł DASZKIEWICZ, Łukasz RYMANIAK, Michalina KAMIŃSKA
One of the ways to reduce exhaust emissions from vehicles is to replace worn-out shunting locomotives with road-rail tractors. The main purpose of this solution is to reduce the negative environmental impact of the vehicle and to reduce the fuel consumption compared to a shunting locomotive performing the same work. The tests on exhaust emissions of rail vehicles are carried out on an engine test bench, making it impossible to determine the environmental performance of these vehicles during real operation. Therefore,  it is advisable to carry out measurements in real operating conditions in order to obtain reliable reference results. This enables  the verification of vehicles ecological indicators in a wide range of operational work parameters. It is possible to obtain reliable  results regarding the impact of the tested vehicle on the natural environment in this way and compare them with the applicable  emission standards. 
Słowa kluczowe: engine exhaust emission, road-rail vehicles, fuel consumption, research in real conditions, ecology