Effects of combustion timing on pressure rise rates in a residual effected HCCI engine

3/2019 (178) - CE-2019-308
Autorzy: Jacek HUNICZ, Michał GĘCA, Paweł KORDOS, Arkadiusz RYBAK
Realization of a low temperature combustion concept in homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines is a cutting-edge technology that offers clean combustion in parallel with high thermal efficiency. Low combustion temperature prevents from NOx for-mation whereas homogeneous mixture assures smokeless exhaust. However, achieving the production feasibility by HCCI technology is hampered by high pressure rise rates and the resulting combustion noise at a high load operation. This paper explores combustion tim-ing parameters that are capable of maintaining permissible levels of pressure rise rates under a high load regime. On the basis of exper-imental data collected at a high load HCCI operation, pressure rise level was correlated with combustion duration. Furthermore, com-bustion duration has been found to scale with in-cylinder volume, for which 50% of mass fraction burned appeared. The results showed quantitatively limitations of engine load, pointing out on required combustion timings to achieve acceptable combustion harshness de-pending on engine load. 
Słowa kluczowe: HCCI, boost, pressure rise rate