Adaptation of a gas cogeneration system used in power industry to drive inland waterway transport unit

3/2019 (178) - CE-2019-341
Autorzy: Zbigniew J. SROKA, Karolina BUCZMA
Cogeneration systems are mainly used in industrial power plants (combined heat and power plants), but based on the analysis car-ried out in this publication, that suitably adapted and selected devices will be able on board of ships. A number of arguments have been obtained for using the indicated gas engine in a vessel. The cogeneration system guarantees high overall efficiency, as shown in the example of the cogeneration unit under study, for which the value of general efficiency was above 80%. In addition, the use of natural gas as a fuel could ensure a significant reduction in the amount of toxic compounds emitted to the atmosphere, especially nitrogen oxides (2-3 times) and smog (dust with PM10) around 25 times than standard limits. The use of natural gas as a fuel guarantees similar dynam-ic parameters as with the use of standard fuels. 
Słowa kluczowe: cogeneration, propulsion, natural gas, energy, inland waterway transport