Influence of electric motors assembly in hubs of vehicle wheels on the dynamics

4/2019 (179) - CE-2019-409
Autorzy: Krzysztof PARCZEWSKI, Kazimierz ROMANISZYN, Henryk WNĘK
The article presents issues related to the drivability and stability of a vehicle equipped with electric motors placed in the hubs of wheels. In the article was presented the necessary modifications to the vehicle and their impact on the vehicles motion parameters. Describes the behavior of the vehicle on a homogeneous surface and on surfaces with different adhesion coefficient under the wheels of the vehicle sides. The simulation model is presented. The last part of the article presents simulation results for compared surfaces with different adhesion under the wheels of the left and right side of the vehicle.         
Słowa kluczowe: vehicle motion dynamics, electric vehicle drive, electric motors in hubs of wheels