Development of automotive emissions testing equipment and test methods in response to legislative, technical and commercial requirements
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Publication date: 2013-02-01
Combustion Engines 2013,152(1)
Legislation regarding the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions, greenhouse gases and fuel consumption is one of the strongest drivers of development in automobile design. Strict legislation requires changes to engine calibration and hardware, but also to test facilities and emissions analysis systems; indeed, emissions standards in the European Union (EU), USA and Japan determine not only maximum permissible emissions factors, but also emissions testing methods and laboratory design. This paper is a continuation of [1], and presents the most recent additions to BOSMAL’s emissions testing laboratory – a recently-installed analyzer bench for modal raw exhaust measurement at both pre- and post-catalytic converter sampling locations, as well as EGR ratio calculation, are described in the context of its sophisticated emissions measurement facilities and the increasingly complex testing demands of vehicle and aftertreatment system manufacturers.