Procedures protecting authentic authorship of papers


‘Ghost-writing’ and ‘guest authorship’ barriers as manifestation of academic reliability

According to a definition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the term ‘ghost-writing’ applies, if someone has made a considerable contribution to a given publication without disclosing himself/herself as one of its authors or mentioning his/her role in the acknowledgments. The term ‘Guest authorship’ (‘Honorary authorship’) applies, if the author has had a marginal contribution or no contribution at all but nevertheless is mentioned as author/co-author of the publication.

The editors of Combustion Engines therefore kindly request the authors of collective works to provide, by way of references, information about material contribution of individual co-authors of works and, possibly, persons and institutions contributing to the publication.

A leading author will be responsible for the authenticity of the information about the contribution of individual co-authors.
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