Aims and scope

"Combustion Engines" is a scientific quarterly journal in English language, published by Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines. The beginnings of the journal date back to the early 1960s. "Combustion Engines" aspires to play a role of an international forum for the presentation of state of-the-art scientific achievements in the field of combustion engines.
Due to the dynamic development of machine and vehicle powertrains, the "Combustion Engines" scientific journal, while retaining its historical title, currently publishes works related not only to internal combustion engines, but also other powertrains, including hybrid drives, electric drives and fuel cells.

The journal publishes only original, previously unpublished articles of significant scientific value. The 'Combustion Engines' policy does not allow the same article to be submitted concomitantly for publication in other journals (multiple submissions).

The journal is published as open access.
Publication of an article in the journal "Combustion Engines" is free of charge.
The full texts of the articles of the journal are freely available on the journal’s website.

Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative) definition of open access.

The full texts of the articles have been available in Open Access on the journal’s website since 2004 (after 2013 issued as "Combustion Engines" see BazTech); until 2013, issued as "Silniki Spalinowe" - see BazTech).

The journal allows the authors to hold the copyright without restrictions.

The journal will allow the authors to retain publishing rights without restrictions.

'Combustion Engines' maintains electronic backups of the journal's content. BazTech database digitizes, stores and hosts journal volumes as an external journal repository. Another external repository of the journal is the National Library of Poland. This guarantees permanent access to the journal content, even in the event the journal is no longer published.

The journal publishes papers related to a variety of aspects of combustion engines, such as:
- research and development,
- design and construction,
- environmental aspects,
- production,
- operation and other.

Papers related to engines of different applications are published in the journal, including such fields as:
- road vehicles,
- off-road vehicles and machinery,
- locomotives,
- aviation,
- ships,
- stationary applications and other.

The journal is addressed to readers dealing with internal combustion engines and other powertrains, especially including those for means of transport. These are among others: scientists, researchers and educators, employees of R&D centers, constructors and designers, students and PhD students as well as people involved in the maintenance and reliability of engines and other powertrain systems, including representatives of the army.

Wait time for publication (mean in 2022)
- from submission to acceptance: 30 days
- from acceptance to publication: 21 days
- from submission to publication: 95 days

Wait time for publication (mean in Q4 2022)
- from submission to acceptance: 44 days
- from acceptance to publication: 34 days
- from submission to publication: 80 days
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