Paper preparation manual

All articles submitted for publication in the journal "Combustion Engines" should be written in English. The paper preparation manual/template can be downloaded here as PDF or DOCX file (new from Q3 2023).

The copyright waiver to be completed can be downloaded HERE.

The paper should be contain the following elements:

  • Title of the article.
  • Abstract max. 1200 characters (including spaces).
  • Key words (up to 5).
  • Main text consisting of introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusions.
  • References – in alphabetical order and with DOI (Vancouver style).

1. Length of paper: Articles should be no shorter than 4,000 words and preferably no longer than 12,000 words (main text).
2. In situations where AI or AI-assisted tools have been used in the preparation of a manuscript, this must be appropriately declared with sufficient details at submission via the cover letter. Furthermore, authors are required to be transparent about the use of these tools and disclose details of how the AI tool was used within the "materials/methods" section, in addition to providing the AI tool’s product details within the “Acknowledgments” section.
3. Figures and tables must be numbered continuously. The copy-ready quality of the pictures is expected. The captions and legends should contain all the information necessary for a clear understanding of figures and tables.
4. The paper should be as informative as possible. The research results have to be described in an explicit way. The applied research apparatus and methodology of full value should be introduced precisely.
5. Bibliography should be made in alphabetical order (Vancouver style).
6. Self-citations should not exceed 2 items.

The body of the paper should be divided into chapters including a description of specific problems, questions or tasks, e.g.: An introduction should include information on what the main research problems it concerns and what its main target and the methodology of the problem solution are.
The text in the chapter should be typed using TmsR fonts size 10, with a section incision 0.5 cm and the chapter titles 11 point, as in this example.

After the initial evaluation, the article is subject to a similarity check. A result above 25% disqualifies publications from further processing. The results of the anti-plagiarism test may be available to the Authors.
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