Measurement of burning velocity on DME fuel-air mixtures using microgravity technique
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Publication date: 2005-07-01
Combustion Engines 2005,122(3), 56–60
Experiment has been carried out to examine the fundamental combustion characteristics of DME fuel-air mixtures using micro-gravity technique, which is achieved in freely falling chamber. The initial conditions of temperature and pressure are 293 K and 0.10 MPa, respectively and the equivalence ratio is the range from stoichiometoric proportion to near the lower flammability limit. The results obtained in the study are as follows:(1) micro-gravity technique is very useful to analyze the flame behavior even at very lean mixtures, and (2) the burning velocity of DME fuel- air mixture is nearly the same with that of methane-air mixture at the range of all the equivalence ratios investigated and those values of DME fuel are 10.0 cm/s and 32.0 cm/s at 0.62 and 0.90 of equivalence ratio, respectively, and (3) from these experimental data it is suggested that the application to the engine combustion of DME fuel is not so impossible.