Nanoparticle emissions from gasoline vehicles DI & MPI
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Publication date: 2017-08-01
Combustion Engines 2017,170(3), 179–187
The nanoparticles (NP) count concentrations are limited in EU for all Diesel passenger cars since 2013 and for gasoline cars with direct injection (GDI) since 2014. For the particle number (PN) of MPI gasoline cars there are still no legal limitations. In the present paper some results of investigations of nanoparticles from five DI and four MPI gasoline cars are represented. The measurements were performed at vehicle tailpipe and in CVS-tunnel. Moreover, five variants of “vehicle – GPF” were investigated. The PN-emission level of the investigated GDI cars in WLTC without GPF is in the same range of magnitude very near to the actual limit value of 6.0 × 10^12 1/km. With the GPF’s with better filtration quality, it is possible to lower the emissions below the future limit value of 6.0 × 10^11 1/km. The modern MPI vehicles also emit a considerable amount of PN, which in some cases can attain the level of Diesel exhaust gas without DPF and can pass over the actual limit value for GDI (6.0 × 10^12 1/km). The GPF-technology offers in this respect further potentials to reduce the PN-emissions of traffic.