Torque characteristic of SI engine in dynamic operating states
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Publication date: 2017-11-01
Combustion Engines 2017,171(4), 175–180
The article presents torque characteristic of the engine in dynamic operating conditions as a function of engine speed and throttle opening angle. All mentioned parameters are analyzed as independent variables over time. To develop such a characteristic an artificial neural network is used. The training data were obtained from measurements carried out on the test bench on SI engine. The operating states reflect all possible configurations of these parameters, which may occur during use of the vehicle in real traffic conditions. The article shows design of an artificial neural network that allows to designate the required dependences. Moreover, it describes the fit of the model to the measurement data, which clearly indicates its correctness. Then the developed characteristic in dynamic states is compared with the characteristic in static working states. The differences between them for selected cases of engine operation states are presented. It shows the versatility of the presented method.