A simulated investigation of an engine fed with oxygen enriche mixture
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Publication date: 2010-02-01
Combustion Engines 2010,140(1), 14-19
The results of a simulated investigation of work processes of an engine fed with oxygen enriched mixture have been presented in the paper. The aim of the investigation was the evaluation of the influence of an increased content of oxygen in the mixture on the course of the combustion, particularly temperature and pressure of the working medium as well as the parameters related to the engine operation. A determination of these parameters will allow defining the boundary parameters of mixture composition during test stand examinations.
Assessment of the application of oxygen enrichment in the hydrogen-fueled Wankel rotary engine
Hao Meng, Changwei Ji, Jinxin Yang, Shuofeng Wang, Chunlei Gao, Xuesong Shen, Gu Xin, Chen Hong
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