Phase doppler anemometry measurements of a dense rapeseed oil spray
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Publication date: 2005-11-01
Combustion Engines 2005,123(4), 41-50
High pressure, dense rapeseed oil (RSO) sprays have been investigated using a Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA) setup. Samples of cold pressed RSO were pre-heated and injected at various pressures (56.3, 76.0, 93.8,112.5,131.3 MPa) and six different ambient densities (3,6,15,30,45,60 kg/m3). High density of RSO significantly affects the quality of sizing measurements, and leads to the similar experimental problems which have been found for the dense Diesel spray. The sizing tests involved analysis of the influence of the photomultiplier (PMT) voltage and injection conditions on droplet validation. The sensitivity of the PMT at 1000 V was found as the most appropriate in the performed tests. The droplet size distributions revealed that the increasing ambient pressure results in a deformed Gaussian drop size distribution having larger number of small droplets. Furthermore, the increasing injection and ambi-ent pressures lower the mean droplet diameter but result in the significant decrease of the droplet validation. Despite the experimental difficulties of applying the PDA technique to RSO sprays it is concluded the method can be successfully used if the appropriate adjustment of PDA parameters is undertaken.
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