Research and analysis of harmful road emissions from a two-wheel vehicle engine in laboratory conditions
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Faculty of Machines and Transport, Poznan University of Technology.
Publication date: 2018-05-01
Combustion Engines 2018,173(2), 41-46
The subject of this article is the identification of engine exhaust emissions of two-wheel vehicles under laboratory conditions. For this purpose, analysis of road and time emission of gaseous compounds: HC, CO, CO2, NOx from a motorcycle equipped with an engine with a displacement volume of 0.7 dm3 and a maximum power of 55 kW was made. The tests were performed on a dynamometer station designed for testing two-wheel vehicles. The speed characteristic was taken from the European type approval test WMTC, consisting of three parts. Each of these parts lasted 600 seconds and was characterized by a different maximum vehicle speed value. The mobile AXION R/S apparatus part of the PEMS device group was used in the research. What is more, the exhaust emissions results were referred to the values listed by the exhaust emission standard met by the tested vehicle (Euro 4 standard). Laboratory tests presented in the article are only intended as a basis for further research, which includes exhaust emission tests from two-wheel vehicles in real operating conditions.
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