Researches on a photocatalytic device for toxic hydrocarbons removal from IC engine exhausts
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Mechanical Faculty, Wroclaw University of Science Technology.
Publication date: 2019-10-01
Combustion Engines 2019,179(4), 151-155
Hydrocarbons, especially aromatic volatile organic compounds (AVOCs) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), emitted by IC engines, indisputably have a negative impact on the environment and public health. Even though current legislation strongly impacts on their low concentration in the exhausts, not quantity but the quality of those substances determines fumes toxicity. The paper presents results of the researches on a photocatalytic device dedicated to BTX (benzene-toluene-xylene) removal from IC engine exhausts, which can be applied in a vehicle cabin ventilation system. According to the results, the system is able to decrease toxic compounds concentration (caused by mobile emission sources) in inlet-air delivered to the vehicle interior. In effect, the system application reduces the users of a vehicle to exposure on contaminants.
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Photocatalysis as a method for reduction of ambient NOx in deep underground mines
Aleksandra Banasiewicz, Anna Janicka, Anna Michalak, Radosław Włostowski
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