Selected aspects of environmentally oriented disassembly modeling of combustion engines
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Publication date: 2009-05-01
Combustion Engines 2009,137(2), 117-127
The examinations of a product life cycle constitute a starting point in their design and improvement. The received results of environmental analysis carried out on a combustion engine showed both improving works on the problem of the selection of structural materials and the process of a disassembly of an end of life combustion engine. Generatign a model of this process allowed a constant optimization of the environment related recycling processes for which the basic process is a disassembly. The optimization of the disassembly process of an end of life combustion engine led to an increase in the level of the recovery and recycling from the vehicle. At the same time environmental benefits had a positive effect on the values of the economic indexes prepared for the recycling processes of end of life technological objects
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