Technical and operating problems yielded from setting up the optimum value of geometric compression ratio in piston engines
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Publication date: 2016-02-01
Combustion Engines 2016,164(1), 3-14
The article discusses the problem of choosing the optimal compression ratio value in internal combustion engines at their design phase, according to todays development trends toward high economy and ecology of road transportation and the divers expectations in vehicle use and performance. Because the variable compression ratio technology VCR is not yet developed well enough to be implemented into the mass production of engines in the near future, the choice of compression ratio value is always a serious task for constructors to find a compromise between the functional engine properties, operational characteristics, engine efficiency, the powertrain design complexity, and finally the exhaust emission level. Therefore, the paper examines the impact of the compression ratio on the combustion engine parameters mentioned above and presents some innovative designs, where the settings of the compression ratio value beyond the conventional range is connected with using additional solutions in design structure and control systems, with modifications corresponding to the working process in these engines.
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