Tests of a prototype spark-ignited, direct-injection engine powered by JET-A1 fuel
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SWIATEK Lech Swiatek
Faculty of Transport Engineering, Poznan University of Technology
Publication date: 2019-07-01
Combustion Engines 2019,178(3), 117-120
The article presents a part of the work done in a research and development project being made by SWIATEK Lech Swiatek company. It describes the comparison of different fuels used in piston engines with JET-A1 turbine engine fuel. Next, the proposed combustion process of JET-A1 fuel and a prototype one-cylinder engine are described. In details, a special cylinder head and direct injection programmable computer are presented. In the next part, a designed and built test stand is described. Finally, the results and conclusions are presented. The designed test stand enabled to perform assumed tests. The innovative JET-A1 combustion process was possible to perform and the power and torque were higher in 1900-3000 rpm range than with the gasoline fuel. The designed GDI programmable injection computer enabled to fully control the injection and ignition parameters.
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