The Wärtsilä 32GD engine for heavy gases
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Publication date: 2009-05-01
Combustion Engines 2009,137(2), 3-11
The Wärtsilä 32GD engine is a stationary turbocharged “Gas-Diesel” engine which can operate on gas and oil fuel. The direct high-pressure gas injection is applied in this engine. The sophisticated control system of the engine allows operation on gas and oil fuel with very wide range of gas/oil fuel ratio which provides a unique flexibility of fuel usage. The Wärtsilä 32GD technology offers possibility to use good quality gas or heavier gases i.e. with high content of heavier hydrocarbons. The Wärtsilä 32GD engine development and the most important components of the Wärtsilä 32GD engine are presented. The working principles, operation mode, the engine performance and emission levels are described in the paper as well. The paper includes also specification for gas and oil fuels that can be used for the engine operation. The paper is concluded with some typical applications, reference installation and experience from running the engines on challenging fuels.
Study of the Early Flame Development in a Spark-Ignited Lean Burn Four-Stroke Large Bore Gas Engine by Fuel Tracer PLIF
Rikard Wellander, Joakim Rosell, Mattias Richter, Marcus Alden, Oivind Andersson, Bengt Johansson, Jeudi Duong, Jari Hyvonen
SAE International Journal of Engines
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