The effect of injection timing parameters for liquid LPG fuel on selected operating parameters of the internal combustion engine
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Publication date: 2007-07-01
Combustion Engines 2007,130(3), 15-25
This article presents selected results of scientifi c research concerning the infl uence of the LPG fuel sequential injection parameters on the operating parameters of the internal combustion engine. Research was performed in the Department of Vehicles and IC Engines on SI MD-111E engine, which has been adapted to LPG fuel supply in multi-point injection system to the branches of the inlet manifold. During the research the sequential single and double injection were performed. The tests results obtained show very signifi cant infl uence of the injection parameters (onset of injection and size of the dose) on the engine operating parameters such as: engine power, torque end effi ciency.
Emissions Generated from a Suzuki Liane Running on Unleaded Gasoline and LPG under the Same Load Conditions
Mark Pecqueur, Kristof Ceustermans, Pieter Huyskens, Dimitrios Savvidis
SAE Technical Paper Series
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