The model of combustion process in the marine 4-stroke engine for exhaust gas composition assessment
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Publication date: 2016-05-01
Combustion Engines 2016,165(2), 60-69
The paper presents the model of combustion process in the marine, turbocharged, 4-stroke and Diesel engine. The main target of modeling is the assessment of the exhaust gas composition. Presented multi-zone, 3-D model of combustion process consists of the following sub-models of processes: the fuel injection, the brake-up and the evaporation of fuel and the turbulence flow and the heat transfer phenomena. Presented model basis on the 3Z-ECFM mechanism of combustion and the initial and boundary conditions collected during direct measurements. The positive validation of the calculation results are obtained for mean and maximum value of the combustion pressure and values of oxygen and nitric oxides fractions in the exhaust gas. Unfortunately, fractions of carbon compounds in the exhaust gas are not properly calculated.
The theoretical investigation on influence the fuel spray geometry on the combustion and emission characteristic of the marine diesel engine
Combustion Engines
Fuel systems of high power stationary engine
Zbigniew Kneba
Combustion Engines
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