Trends in the development of turbocharging systems in automotive vehicles
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Publication date: 2008-05-01
Combustion Engines 2008,133(2), 61-76
The application of turbocharging systems results in serious problems related to the delivery of appropriate amount of air needed to entirely burn the supplied dose of fuel. This problem is particularly relevant for non-adjustable turbocharging systems (constant geometry turbines). The improvements of the turbocharging systems in compression ignition engines may be implemented through such solutions as two stage or sequential turbocharging that show significant benefits as opposed to a single stage variable turbocharger geometry (VGT) turbocharging. The paper presents adjustable two stage turbocharging and sequential turbocharging finding application in serially manufactured vehicles. The assessment of the properties of these solutions and attempts to describe the trends in the further development of the turbocharging systems have been made. With this background, the results of own research of the author have been presented performed on a SW 680 sequentially turbocharged engine.
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