Road transport holds for the largest share in the freight transport sector in Europe. This work is carried out by heavy vehicles of various types. It is assumed that, in principle, transport should take place on the main road connections, such as motorways or national roads. Their share in the polish road infrastructure is not dominant. Rural and communal roads roads are the most prevalent. This fact formed the basis of the exhaust emissions and fuel consumption tests of heavy vehicles in real operating conditions. A set of vehicles (truck tractor with a semi-trailer) meeting the Euro V emission norm, transporting a load of 24,800 kg, was selected for the tests. The research was carried out on an non-urban route, the test route length was 22 km. A mobile Semtech DS instrument was used, which was used to measure the exhaust emissions. Based on the obtained results, the emission characteristics were determined in relation to the operating parameters of the vehicles drive system. Road emission, specific emission and fuel consumption values were also calculated.
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