Comparison of exhaust emission from the most commonly used aircrafts with implementation LTO cycle to operating conditions
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Publication date: 2019-10-01
Combustion Engines 2019,179(4), 198–203
The LTO cycle (Landing and Take–off cycle) is a research method used for jet engines certification. The measurements are performed in stationary conditions. With the development of aviation, the LTO test started to be carried out more often, but not for its’ original purpose. A new aim was an assessment impact of aircraft movement on environment in airports area. LTO cycle consists of four phases (according to ICAO Annex 16): take–off, climb out, approach and taxi/idle. Every airport has different infrastructure, what affects on time during basic flight operations especially for a taxi phase. To rate exhaust emission from aircrafts during basic fly operations duration time should be adjusted to every single airport. As a research area Poznań-Ławica Airport which is located in Poland, was adopted. Based on parameters calculated specially for this airport it is possible to computed there emission from the mostly used aircraft.