Effect of asymmetric elliptical shapes of the sealing ring sliding surface on the main parameters of the oil film
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Publication date: 2017-02-01
Combustion Engines 2017,168(1), 84–93
This article discusses the results of simulation studies of the effect of selected sealing ring sets with asymmetrical elliptical sliding surfaces on the oil layer thickness distribution over the whole operating range of an internal combustion engine. The problem of calculating the sliding surface coverage with visco-elastic oil film as well as in mixed friction conditions is discussed. The effect of asymmetrical elliptical sliding surfaces particularly on the dimensionless slip and squeeze indicators was determined, defining these surfaces ability to produce an oil film. The research results presented in this article show that there exists a real possibility of friction loss re-duction in the cylinder and sealing rings contact area, while maintaining the oil film continuity between the sliding surfaces.