Emission of pollutants from motor vehicles in Poland comparing to pollutant emission in the European Union
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Publication date: 2019-07-01
Combustion Engines 2019,178(3), 56–60
The inventory results of pollutant emission from motor vehicles in Poland comparing to the emission of pollutants in the European Union have been presented in the paper. The analysis is based on the official results of the pollution inventory reported to the European Union. Emission of the following substances was considered for the years 1990–2016 for Poland and the European Union from all civili-zation and road transport activities: carbon monoxide, non-methan volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter consisting of fractions: total suspended particles, PM10 and PM2.5. It was observed that the share of pollutant emission from road transport in Poland is smaller than for the entire European Union. This is especially evident in the case of particulate matter and nitro-gen oxides. As a result of the analysis of the emission inventory in the European Union, it was confirmed that the share of motorisation in the emission of pollutants harmful to human health is significantly smaller in Poland than in the entire European Union. Therefore, conducting a detailed analysis of specific distance emission of pollutants from a statistical vehicle as well as extending research on greenhouse gas emission from motor vehicles is recommended.