Energetic state parameters measurements of LM 2500 naval gas turbine for modeling and simulation purposes
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Publication date: 2017-11-01
Combustion Engines 2017,171(4), 215–221
This article presents examples of results of energetic state parameters measurements of LM 2500 naval gas turbines operated by the Polish Navy. Currently in operation there are four LM 2500-type engines. In the near future, another LM 2500 engine will commence operations, along with a project 661M patrol ship. The energetic state parameters measurements covers the engine start-up process, their operation in idle mode and within the whole range of load variations, as well as stoppage of engine process. The article presents examples of characteristics specific to the above processes, determined based on the results of studies of this kind of engines. The results of these studies will be used to verify the modeling and simulation results of the internal energy processes occurring in this kind of engine.