Experimental comparison of efficiency and emission levels of four-cylinder lean-burn passenger car-sized CNG engines with different ignition concepts
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Publication date: 2019-02-01
Combustion Engines 2019,176(1), 27–35
Today’s passenger car CNG engines are based on petrol engines which typically have restrictions preventing the exploitation of the full potential of methane based fuels, especially if they have to be operated also on petrol as a second fuel. Additionally, the use of three-way-catalysis limits the engine operation to λ = 1. Here, we present the efficiency potential and the raw emission characteristics for a dedicated four cylinder passenger car CNG engine without sticking to the usual combustion peak pressure and λ limitations. Lean com-bustion reduces the knocking tendency but, because of the higher pressure levels, increases the ignition energy demand. Therefore, dif-ferent ignition systems (spark plug, prechamber, Diesel pilot) have been used.