Measurement of exhaust gas emissions from miniature turbojet engine
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Publication date: 2016-10-01
Combustion Engines 2016,167(4), 58–63
This paper presents a methodology developed to measure exhaust gas emissions during operation of a miniature turbojet engine, using a laboratory test rig. The rig has been built for research and development works aimed at modelling and investigating processes and phenomena occurring in jet engines. The miniature jet engines, similarly to full–scale ones used commonly in air transport, are characterized by variable exhaust gas emissions, depending on engine operating parameters. For this reason, an attempt has been made to determine the characteristic features of miniature engine operation modes and to define the variability of operation parameters and exhaust gas emissions as a function of time. According to the authors, the preliminary tests allowed for defining specific profile of engine test, which enables proper measurement regarding exhaust gas emissions using the miniature jet engine. The paper also presents test results for Jet A-1 fuel, according to the used methodology.
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