Modelling of motor vehicle operation for the evaluation of pollutant emission and fuel consumption
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Publication date: 2017-11-01
Combustion Engines 2017,171(4), 156–163
A novel approach to modelling of motor vehicle operation by employing special test cycles threated as realizations of the stochastic process of vehicle velocity is presented. The families of test cycles were designed to simulate driving conditions in street congestion, urban, extra-urban, and high-speed traffic. The data necessary for the development of test cycles was obtained in the empirical investigations conducted in real road traffic. The recorded velocity time-histories were analysed in the time, frequency, and process value domains. Fragments of the velocity vs. time curves, representative for the considered driving conditions, were selected to design test cycles. The statistical examination of those test cycles demonstrated that individual process realizations are similar to each other and to all the process realizations recorded during the empirical tests.