Observations from PEMS testing of combustion engines of different applications
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Publication date: 2018-08-01
Combustion Engines 2018,174(3), 40–55
The article compares data obtained in road tests with the latest legislative proposals relating to various applications of internal combustion engines. Passenger car emission tests have been performed several times on the same test route in accordance with the RDE procedure guidelines, for which a dozen or so criteria must be met, including the distance of each of the drive sections, their in the drive time and the dynamic characteristics of the drive. The analysis was also based on a two-dimensional operating density characterization, presented in the vehicle speed-acceleration coordinates. As a result, it was possible to compare dynamic properties, operating time density and, thus, to check the validity of conducted drive tests in terms of their feasibility and emission values. An exhaust emission related comparison of three types of powertrain have been presented: gasoline, diesel and hybrid in the RDE tests. The authors proposed a new form of presenting the road exhaust emissions results in relation to the carbon dioxide emission, referred to as a standardization of the emission results. The exhaust emissions from city buses fitted with different powertrains tested on an actual bus route and in the SORT test were also compared.