Optical analysis of the gas flame development in a RCM using a high-power ignition system
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Publication date: 2018-05-01
Combustion Engines 2018,173(2), 47–54
The combustion process quality is determined by several factors: the composition of the fuel-air mixture in the vicinity of the spark plug and the discharge conditions on the spark plug. This article assesses a high-power ignition system using optical gas flame propaga-tion analyzes. The tests were carried out in a rapid compression machine, using a fast camera for filming. The spark plug discharge quality assessment was determined indirectly by the flame propagation conditions after the ignition of the mixture (during methane combustion). The size of the flame surface and the rate of its change were assumed as a comparative criterion. It has been found that when using an ignition system with high discharge power the rate of flame development is 14% higher with respect to conventional ignition systems. In addition, the shorter development time of the early flame phase after discharge when using the new ignition system was confirmed. Based on the obtained test results and analyzes, modifications of engine operation settings were indicated, resulting from the use of a high discharge power system.