Powertrain technology transfer between F1 and the automotive industry based on Mercedes-Benz
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Publication date: 2020-01-05
Combustion Engines 2018,172(1), 3–13
The paper presents evolution of the Formula One powertrain systems and its synergies with the Automotive industry. The article emphasises the influence of trends in the Automotive industry and general environmental awareness on the Formula One development. The technical regulations introduced by the FIA in 2006 made a first steps to align Formula One technology progress with course of automotive world. Improvements of the regulations in 2009 and 2014, gradually introduced hybrid systems to the Formula One and made its technology more relevant to the current production vehicles. On the other hand, paper also shows the examples of the automotive projects which utilised Formula One technology features and qualities. This review analyses technology transfer based on Mercedes-Benz and other companies dependent on Daimler AG.