Selected problems of RD-33 engine reliability in operation
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Publication date: 2016-05-01
Combustion Engines 2016,165(2), 33–40
The paper presents an analysis of the most common damage incidents of the RD-33 turbine jet engine. Extended research on the assessment of powertrain reliability enabled a detailed identification of the causes of individual damage incidents along with possible threats. The presented statistical data related to the frequency of occurrence of individual damage incidents in recent years are particularly noteworthy. RD-33 is a newly designed engine, yet, in recent years it has gathered a very good opinion in the Polish Air Force, the effect of which are the efforts made by the military services and scientists aiming at the extending its proper and trouble free operation.
Reliability Analysis of Critical Kinematic Pair of the RD-33 Engine
Karol Bogucki
Journal of KONBiN
Material Origins of the Accelerated Operational Wear of RD-33 Engine Blades
Adam Kozakiewicz, Stanisław Jóźwiak, Przemysław Jóźwiak, Stanisław Kachel
Thermal degradation of turbine components in a military turbofan
Andrzej Szczepankowski, Radoslaw Przysowa
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