The injector location impact on the fuel combustion process in a direct gasoline injection system
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Publication date: 2018-05-01
Combustion Engines 2018,173(2), 19–29
The article contains an analysis of the fuel dose combustion phenomena and exhaust emissions in a direct injection system of an SI engine for variable injector location in the combustion chamber. The research performed is a continuation of the research presented in the article CE-2018-104. The tests were performed using the AVL Fire 2017 simulation environment. 27 injector placement combinations in three planes were analyzed: axial distance from the cylinder axis, injector depth relative to the head and angular position relative to the cylinder axis. An optimal solution was chosen, taking into account the significance of individual indicators. It was shown that the greatest impact in terms of the most advantageous combustion process indicators is the injector setting depth in the combustion chamber cavity, while the distance from the cylinder axis is of secondary importance. The smallest changes in the combustion and emission factors values are seen with the change of the injector placement angle (in the value range used in this study).