The share of road transport accounts for more than 85% of the total structure of freight transportation. In this process, mainly motor vehicles are used to carry out the freight work. In addition to them, forklifts are also used, whose task is to load and unload goods. These vehicles are categorized as NRMM (Non-Road Mobile Machinery). Forklift trucks have internal combustion or electric drive. The paper presents an analysis of the emission of pollutants and fuel consumption from forklift trucks equipped with diesel and LPG power. The study uses the author's test taking into account the raising/lowering of a pallet, a loaded and unloaded run. The measurements were made in the warehouse and outside the warehouse using the Porstable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) equipment. The aim was to show the influence of loading conditions on the emission of pollutants and fuel consumption.
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Analysis of Emissions and Fuel Consumption in Freight Transport
Andrzej Ziółkowski, Paweł Fuć, Aleks Jagielski, Maciej Bednarek
Analysis of Exhaust Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles on Different Applications
Andrzej Ziółkowski, Paweł Fuć, Piotr Lijewski, Aleks Jagielski, Maciej Bednarek, Władysław Kusiak
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