In Poland, the number of vehicles owned per capita is systematically increasing. There is also a noticeable increase in traffic in large urban agglomerations. This creates a number of problems, such as difficulties in finding a parking spot. Then it becomes necessary to search for a long time to stop, which is correlated with higher emission of harmful substances and energy consumption. The aim of the work is a multi-criteria analysis of the selection of a parking spot at a shopping center focused on travel times, pollutant emissions and fuel consumption. In addition, consideration was given to the selection of the optimal parking spot. The tests were carried out in Real Driving Conditions similar to Real Driving Emissions testing. The procedure, currently used as an extension of the type-approval tests, reflects the actual exhaust emissions from vehicles more accurately than tests under laboratory conditions. Specialized PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) apparatus was used for the measurements.
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Analysis of speed limit and energy consumption in electric vehicles
Jarosław Mamala, Mariusz Graba, Jovan Mitrovic, Krzysztof Prażnowski, Patryk Stasiak
Combustion Engines
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