In the article were compared the vehicles (by pairing) the vehicles on the basis of selected criteria considering vehicles’: weight, length, wheel width, maximum output and acceleration time. The article was carried out by analysing the available source materials and specific energy mix based on coal. The emission of air pollutants (exhaustive) was estimated using the mathematical calculation. In order to carry out the analysis, the data provided by the manufacturers of the considered cars were used, concerning fuel consumption by the cars equipped with the internal combustion engines or electricity consumption in the case of cars with equipped with electric motors. The air pollutants that were taken into consideration: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and total particulate matter. Apart from the exhaustive emissions, the total particular matter emissions from the tyre and brake wear and road abrasion is also included. The pollutant emission was estimated on the basis of emission factors using the average mileage characterizing for driving in European conditions.
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Combustion Engines
Comparison of pollutant emissions from various types of vehicles
Magdalena Zimakowska-Laskowska, Piotr Laskowski
Combustion Engines
The problem of emission of total particulate matter and heavy metals from tribological systems in vehicles
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Combustion Engines
Formula Student class electric vehicle energy storage - study and design assumptions
Piotr Hemlecki, Paweł Fabiś
Combustion Engines
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