The article discusses issues related to the assessment of pollutant emissions from a railbus during transport work. The test object was a rail vehicle equipped with two diesel engines with a total power of 780 kW, Stage IIIB homologated. Measurements were carried out on the route Poznań - Wągrowiec in two directions. During the tests, the vehicle performed a transport service, where the number of passengers was counted. For the completed cycles, the average number of people was 82 and 18. On the basis of the obtained data, the vehicle operating conditions and emission indicators were analyzed, which were related to the number of passengers. A dimensionless toxicity index was also determined.
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Beata Kurc, Krystian Woźniak, Łukasz Rymaniak, Natalia Szymlet
Rail Vehicles/Pojazdy Szynowe
Technical aspects of the selection of an engine-generator set for a dual-drive locomotive
Piotr Michalak, Patryk Urbański, Wojciech Jakuszko, Dawid Gallas, Paweł Stobnicki, Piotr Tarnawski
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Assessment of pollutant concentrations from a rail vehicle during remote sensing research
Łukasz Rymaniak, Natalia Szymlet, Maciej Frankowski, Sławomir Wiśniewski, Krystian Woźniak, O. Voznyak
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