Hazard identification process in the selected analysis domain of the F100 turbofan engines maintenance system
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Squadron Commander at 31st Air Force Base Poznań-Krzesiny
Faculty of Mechanical and Transport Engineering at University of Technology.
Publication date: 2017-11-01
Combustion Engines 2017,171(4), 68-73
The multirole F-16 is the most advanced aircraft in the Polish Air Forces. It has been equipped with the very modern, sophisticated and advanced turbofan engine F100-PW-229. Due to the fact, that there is only one engine, its reliability, durability efficiency and performance are the crucial factors for the safety reasons. In the article authors researched maintenance system of the F100 turbofan engines, which are built on the multirole F-16 aircraft. For the study purposes F100 maintenance system model has been created. From this model, the main analysis domain was derived, comprising “Major engine objects discrepancies removal” process. Considering such an analysis domain, on the basis of the schematic diagram of the hazard identification process, authors presented the following procedures: tools preparation for the hazard sources identification, hazard sources identification, hazard sources grouping and hazards formulation. The main goal of this article was to provide hazard identification process results as hazard specifications, which include: a group of hazard sources, hazards formulation and the most probable/predictable consequences, severities and losses/harms of the hazard activation.
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