Heat transfer between gas and the surrounding walls in the model of gas flow from the combustion chamber to the crankcase
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Publication date: 2009-07-01
Combustion Engines 2009,138(3), 71-79
The paper discusses different approaches to the modeling of the heat transfer between gas and surrounding walls used in the models of gas flow from the combustion chamber to the crankcase. Most models described in the literature assume that the flow is isothermal or quasi-isothermal. Such an assumption remarkably simplifies the calculations, however, the real gas flow has an mixed character (between adiabatic and isothermal). Taking the above into account, the submodel of heat transfer, which allows assuming the conditions of heat transfer from isothermal to adiabatic was worked out and included into the model of the gas flow and ring dynamics. The research of the effect of the assumed heat transfer intensity on the calculated inter-ring gas pressures, rings axial positions in the grooves and blow-by has been presented in this paper.
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